Our Mission

Hot Earth is an independent publisher of erotic literature that supports environmental conservation and green activism. Sixty percent of Hot Earth's operating profit is donated or spent in support of these causes. Our authors address themes at the intersection of contemporary sexuality, society and politics - creating intensely sexy stories with both meaning and purpose

Q1 2018: Our First Donation - The American Prairie Reserve

Hot Earth has just launched - with a dual purpose. Of course our primary goal is to bring you insanely sexy stories that are also thoughtful, relevant and a cut above the usual formulaic dross that exists in the erotica genre. We truly believe in literotica as an art form, and strive to hold ourselves to high standards of storytelling and authorcraft while also awakening the reader's sexual desire and instincts. 

Secondly, though, everyone who writes for Hot Earth shares a deep concern for the fate of the natural world. We are hikers, hunters, surfers, and urban/rural farmers. We find spiritual solace in unspoiled lands and waters, and we revel in the richness of undisturbed natural ecosystems. We want to see an unprecedented strengthening in the conservation and green movements worldwide. And we're hoping we can use our art and our sexuality to contribute to and empower those movements. 

So each quarter, Hot Earth will donate sixty percent of its operating profits in support of this second mission. There are many groups - conservationists, activists, even for-profit companies - doing good work, and we'll support and spotlight a different one each quarter.

The organization receiving our first quarters' profits is the American Prairie Reserve.  Did you know that the American plains were once as rich with wildlife as the Serengeti? Their animal and native populations - and ecological health - were decimated in the 1800s as a result of westward expansion and unregulated commercial hunting. As a result we lost what was one of the most stunning natural ecosystems on the continent. The Reserve is using private funds to buy private land and cobble it together into a large and viable protected prairie ecosystem which is home to buffalo herds, wolf packs, cougars, and pronghorn antelope. It partners with state and federal wildlife managers in its protection and introduction of at-risk species to the Reserve lands. We think it's beautiful work - and hope you will be extra titillated by the knowledge that your sexy reading is supporting it. 

- The Publisher

Image: Property of the American Prairie Reserve

Image: Property of the American Prairie Reserve